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We strickly work on sprinkler systems.


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 Why customers choose us more than any other sprinkler repair company?

  • Experience                                              
  • Leadership 
  • Qualified Personnel 
  • Helpful Personnel 
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  • Warranty

 We don't only have 1 lisenced irrigator on staff, we have 6 on staff. Sprinkler repair award We strickly work on sprinkler systems.  Sprinkler Repair offer a complete line of professional sprinkler services:

Our Services Include:

  • Residential and commercial sprinkler repair
  • Sprinkler modification
  • Install new heads or rotators
  • Valve locating and repair
  • Pipe repair
  • Wire tracing and repair
  • New timer installation
  • Install new water-saving technologies
    • Drip irrigation
    • Rain sensors

Commercial and Residential sprinkler repair
24 hour emergency sprinkler service

We are fully licensed and insured with the State of Texas. Don't trust just anyone with your sprinkler system! Call us today 214-717-4977 or 281-489-3726 for a fast repair on all your sprinkler needs in Dallas Tx or Houston Texas.



We can handle any problem, big or small, with your lawn irrigation system.

Some of Sprinkler Systems' most common problems:

Broken sprinkler heads
Leaking sprinkler heads
Leaking valves
Clogged nozzles
Cut wires
Malfunctioning controllers
Capping off heads
Improper head spacing
Wasted water spraying on cement
Poor spray patterns
Running water that won't shut off
Frozen PVB
Broken rain sensor
Controllers programmed incorrectly
Leaking pipes under driveway
Swimming pool re-routes
Flower beds and grass on same zone

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