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Different Type of Irrigation Systems

Overview about Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn sprinklers may not be a necessity for every front lawn and garden, but they are very functional and helpful. These sprinklers help disperse moisture throughout the garden soil, making grass, topiaries and other plants appear healthier and greener. Plants need water to survive. However, it can be a hassle to keep up with a tedious schedule of watering the lawn.

Using a sprinkler to water the lawn also prevents water wastage. Aside from irrigation, lawn sprinklers help control airborne dust that has settled on the ground and serve as a cooling method for the lawn. Some homes have adopted the use of timed sprinklers to prevent homeless people from squatting and sleeping in their lawns and gardens at night.

Kinds of Lawn Sprinklers

There are many types and brands of lawn sprinklers that have varying complexity, the scope of area, and water volume output. The more features a sprinkler has, the higher the cost will be. One thing is common among the types of sprinklers and that is the pressurized water output.

There are 3 main types of lawn sprinklers: residential, industrial, and agricultural. Residential sprinklers can be classified as oscillating sprinklers, impact sprinklers, underground sprinklers, and drip sprinklers. There are also small kinds of residential sprinklers that a user can temporarily attach to an outdoor water faucet. Other kinds of residential sprinklers are either attached to a home’s plumbing system or installed underground.

Industrial sprinklers use higher pressure than residential sprinklers. The main goal of industrial sprinklers is to cover a wider surface area. Some industrial sprinklers have a wider and bigger nozzle compared to residential types. Installation of industrial sprinklers involves attaching the sprinklers to the plumbing system or by setting their network underground. Industrial sprinklers can be simultaneously turned off or on.

Agricultural sprinklers are quite different from industrial and residential sprinklers. They are not installed underground, but rather, the sprinklers are housed in a rolling pipe irrigation system so irrigation would be more flexible.

Instructions of Use

Ideally, a lawn should be watered twice a week. Any more than that can render the soil too soft or wash away the minerals and fertilizers on plants. Gardeners recommend that lawns receive 1 inch of water per week. When using a lawn sprinkler, set the duration to ideally 30 minutes. This would be enough to disperse ½ inches of water. Make sure to schedule this routine twice a week. People who want to be specific on the amount of water emitted by the lawn sprinkler can use a rain gauge to measure the volume of water dispersed. However, take rainwater into consideration. There is no need to water your lawn if it just rained within the last 2 days.

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