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How to Adjust Rainbird Sprinkler Heads (Left Stop)

If you’re finding that your Rainbird sprinkler heads aren’t quite covering the correct area of your lawn or garden, making an adjustment to the left stop setting can help direct the water exactly where you need it. Here’s how to adjust the left stop on your Rainbird sprinkler heads:

What You’ll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver or Rainbird adjustment tool

Steps to Adjust the Left Stop

  1. Identify the Sprinkler Head to Adjust

Locate the Rainbird sprinkler head that requires adjustment.

      2. Turn on the Sprinkler System

Turn on your sprinkler system to observe the current spray pattern.

      3. Allow Sprinkler Head to Pop Up

Wait for the sprinkler head to pop up and begin its watering cycle.

      4. Stop the Sprinkler Head

Use your hand to carefully stop the sprinkler’s turret from rotating. Be gentle to avoid damaging the sprinkler head.

      5. Find the Left Stop Position

Rotate the sprinkler head all the way to the left to find the fixed left edge of its watering pattern; this is the left stop.

      6. Turn Off the Sprinkler System

After identifying the left stop, turn off the system to prevent getting wet during the adjustment.

      7. Adjust the Left Stop

With the system off, manually twist the body of the sprinkler head in the direction you want the left stop to be set. These heads are usually designed so that the turret can’t be moved separately from the base, which means you’ll be physically twisting the entire sprinkler head in the ground to adjust the left stop.

      8. Use a Screwdriver or Adjustment Tool for Arc Adjustments

If you need to adjust the overall arc of the spray as well, this can typically be done using a small flathead screwdriver or Rainbird adjustment tool. Insert it into the adjustment socket and twist it to increase or decrease the arc, depending on your model. Make sure not to over-tighten as it could cause damage to the sprinkler head.

     9. Test the Adjustment

Turn the water back on and observe the new left stop position of the spray pattern. Make sure it is covering the desired section of your yard without overspray onto sidewalks, driveways, or other areas.

    10. Fine-Tune if Necessary

If your first adjustment isn’t quite perfect, repeat the process until you have the sprinkler head set just right.

Important Notes

  • Always refer to your specific Rainbird model’s manual for detailed instructions as the adjustment process may vary slightly between models.
  • Be mindful of water conservation regulations in your area when adjusting sprinklers.
  • Regular maintenance and checking of sprinkler heads are recommended to ensure optimal performance.

By following these steps, you can successfully adjust the left stop of your Rainbird sprinkler heads to ensure thorough and efficient watering of your landscape.


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