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How to use Your Sprinkler System?

Using a Sprinkler System

New homeowners may have little idea how to use a sprinkler system. Each kind of sprinkler system has a corresponding manual or instruction. However, it is important to know how to use a sprinkler system in order to be guided by which one is perfect for your needs. There are many kinds of lawn sprinkler systems today so it is easy to get confused in the gamut of choices.

How to Use a Sprinkler System

Generally, there are three main types of sprinklers: residential, commercial, or industrial and agricultural. Impact and oscillating sprinklers belong to these three main types. Drip sprinklers are mainly used in farming and gardening, although they can also be installed at home if you have a small garden or greenhouse. Impact sprinklers can be attached temporarily to a hose or installed to a home’s plumbing system.

Some impact sprinklers are installed underground so they can be retracted to the ground when not in use. To make things easier, there are many automated sprinkler systems today. Automated lawn sprinklers are more complicated to use. Some of them even require to be charged.

Programming the controller

The first thing to do when planning to use an automated sprinkler system is to program it to avoid water wastage. Check if the controller (the handheld device) is updated. This means making sure that its date and time are synchronized with your country’s date and time.

Setting up the Start Time, Water Schedule and Run Time

There are three basic things you have to set up on the controller. Make sure to input your desired Start Time, Water Schedule, and Run-Time. The watering schedule refers to the days when the sprinkler would water your lawn. Ideally, your lawn should receive around 1 inch of water. That means you have to run your sprinkler for 30 minutes twice a week. Space your water schedule at least 1 day apart.

If you live in a hot or dusty place, then it is best to set your start time in the morning ideally before 10 AM. If you have newly planted herbs or flowers, then you may need to have a second watering session in the late afternoon ideally after 4 PM.

Run time refers to how long the sprinkler would deliver water. In a sprinkler system, you may be dealing with more than one sprinkler so you may have more than one type of sprinkler head. For rotor head sprinklers, set the run time for 20 to 40 minutes. For spray head types, set the run time to 3 to 10 minutes. Run time must be set properly to avoid water wastage. This is the most important part of how to use a sprinkler system.

Setting up the Program

You can set up the different start time, water schedule, and run time in the controller. Typically, normal sprinkler systems allow around three different programs.


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