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    Friendswood Sprinkler Repair is a full service lisenced business award sprinkler companyirrigation  company servicing the Houston Texas Area. We service both commercial and residential properties including homeowners associations.

    Our irrigation technicians are trained and certified allowing them to specialize in all types of systems.

    We provide all types of irrigation system repairs.

    • Heads
    • Valves
    • Timers
    • Sprinklers
    • Drip
    • Backflow Certification 

     We service every brand of sprinkler and drip irrigation.

    • Rainbird
    • Hunter
    • Toro
    • Irritrol
    • Weathermatic

    Lawn Sprinkler Repair – Lawn sprinkler repair and preventative maintenance are a requirement for a healthy, green, and beautiful lawn. Bi-annual tune-ups ensure proper and adequate water coverage. Our technicians use water conserving nozzles and applicators so all the water is used most efficient. 

    Sprinkler Valve Repair – Low or no pressure usually is an indication of a sprinkler valve repair. Our technicians carry all types of valves and parts to ensure a quick and efficient fix. We have a five year warranty on all of our valves. If your valve is stuck open we provide 24 hour emergency service. 

    Sprinkler Head Repair – A broken sprinkler wastes more water than any other part of your system. Sprinkler head repair consists of installing the proper head, changing the nozzles as needed, and maintaining the proper height of the head thru the riser. 

    Sprinkler Pipe Repair – Bubbling water or a wet area is usually the indications of a broken sprinkler pipe. Proper sprinkler pipe repair is our specialty. We use only the best quality pipe and fittings as well as the highest standard in primer and glue.

    Do you have a beautiful yard or ugly patches of brown grass? Your lawn sprinkler system is the key to a gorgeous landscape.

    Toro Sprinkler Repair
    Rain Bird Sprinkler Repair

    Friendswood Sprinkler Repair Specialist

    Friendswood’s Most Trusted Sprinkler Repair Company. Over 12,000 Customers Trust SprinklerRepair.com for their Irrigation Needs.

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    Mr Sprinkler Repair Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 21 customer reviews

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    great service

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.525-95.2025

    Todd is very pleasant to work with. I will be happy to call on him again for sprinkler repair. He is knowledgeable about his line of work.

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    Excellent and efficient work

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.495-95.1925

    Oscar and his co-workers did an excellent job of restoring my old sprinkler system. It is even better than new.

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    Awesome service!

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.4925-95.1825

    Todd is a great service provider! He is professional and friendly. He does a very thorough job in a timely manner.

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    Great Service and Good Price

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.515-95.16

    The Crew was very knowledgeable and professional

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    On time, great service, very helpful

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.485-95.185

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    Todd is fantastic, great service

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.4875-95.1875

    I would have Todd do any work for me.

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    Outstanding service. Todd was so nice and very knowledgeable

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.4875-95.185

    Todd is da man. This the only business that responded to me and Todd did the repair in record time.

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    Todd was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable on the automatic sprinkler system. He jumped in and got the job done in short order

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.4975-95.175

    I was very impressed with the service

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    Alex rocks!

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.52-95.16

    Absolutely an outstanding company! Had a mainline leak on a Friday evening. Called after 7pm and they sent Alex out first thing Saturday who was able to find and repair the leak in an hour! Alex rocks!

    Map of Friendswood, TX 77546

    Great follow through!

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    FriendswoodTX77546 29.5025-95.1825

    They showed up when they said, got the job done well! Great communication!

    Sprinkler Repair in Friendswood, Texas.

    Most homes have lawns and yard where kids play and recreate. It is important to always keep your lawn clean at all times to avoid it looking dirty, overgrown with weeds and unkempt. A lot of people take pride in having an attractive lawn. In order to care for your lawn, there are some things to be done. You have to mow- cutting of grass, overseed- sowing new seeds, fertilize, replace grass with paving stones in some areas and of course with the aid of a sprinkler, water deeply the lawn.

    Sprinklers are important tools in maintaining your lawns as they make it easier for the grass to be green all through and look its best. It consists of a water supply pipe, valve box, zone valve- this has a diaphragm that controls flow of water and can be closed or open, electronic controller and others.

    How it works

    With a water pipe connected to the sprinkler system, once the valve opens and water flows to the sprinkler head that rotates, pop and sprays water to the lawn as needed. There are different types of sprinkler systems. Once any of this component part of the system malfunctions, then it is imperative to get the services of a repair company. It may be zone valve not turning on or sprinkler head not working or leaks. If you don’t have good system, you’ll end up using a hose and wasting time in the process.

    Sprinkler repairs

    So if you are a resident of Friendswood, Texas, then contact the local lawn Sprinkler Repair Company. They have the solution to all your sprinkler issues. They are a family owned company and have been offering quality repair services at affordable rates to local homeowners and businesses in the area. They have a very good reputation due to their satisfactory and top quality services and are a household name. They repair all types, models of sprinkler systems with a wide range of capabilities and related services. Once your sprinkler system starts malfunctioning, contact them for repairs and it will be done to your delight as soon as possible and at friendly rates.

    At Sprinkler Repair Company in Friendswood, Texas, we understand the importance of outdoor aesthetics and beauty to you and the fact that client’s budget varies. So we are always ready to deliver the best at competitive rates. Our expert will visit and consult with you to know your specific needs. Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients.

    If you are looking at replacement for your sprinkler system, you can get good and quality brands from them with guaranteed installation in correct locations that offers best coverage. An old sprinkler will keep needing repairs and replacement parts wasting your money and water in the process. So purchase a professional sprinkler system from them to avoid further loss.

    Remember Friendswood Sprinkler Repair…
    You are in good neighborly hands!

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