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How to Maintain Your Sprinklers

Sprinklers Maintenance 101

People are often left with the question, “how to maintain your sprinklers?” Well-maintained sprinkler systems can last for years. Certain sprinklers require cleaning after every use. Some have the option of self-cleaning and others require less maintenance, at least twice a year.

Below are guidelines on how to maintain your sprinklers. After all, sprinkler systems can be costly, so you want to use them as long as possible. Follow these suggestions so you can save time, money and water.

Sprinkler inspection

Check all the sprinkler heads for any damage or cracks. Unscrew the broken parts and replace them with a high-quality equivalent. Check if there are leaking heads, wastewater, and puddles.

Look for weeping sprinkler heads too. These still spray water even after turning off the system. It is a sign of a busted valve in the valve box needing a replacement.

Annual backflow connection check-up

By law, it is mandatory to have your backflow (applicable to automatic sprinklers only) checked by technicians from your local water provider. Call them and schedule a maintenance check-up.

Buy a rain sensor

It shuts off the sprinkler system and prevents it from spraying when there is enough moisture present. Once the moisture has dried up, it will reactivate the sprinkler to spray. You should install this sensor in an open area, away from trees.

Observe water flow from spray heads

Switch on the sprinklers and place a rain gauge to measure the amount of water it sprays. If a certain head has low flow, then it may indicate blockage or a crack. Unscrew the head and flush water through it to check for cracks or debris.

Winterize checklist

As the fall season comes to an end, drain water from the sprinkler system. Make sure it is dry, including the drip system. Winterizing is important to avoid damaging your system, as the weather could freeze stock water inside.

Store & insulate

Store your garden hoses inside your garage or storage room, to prevent it from freezing. Outdoor pipes and faucets should be insulated for the winter to prevent damages.

Restart with caution

Once winter has ended, you need to restart your sprinkler system with caution. Follow the instructions written in your manual. Do not force open heads, valves, etc.

Power loss

Loss of power indicates the need to reset the controller. You can also reset the minutes and cycle. Remember to update your irrigation schedule as the season changes.

The guidelines mentioned above aim to help you on how to maintain your sprinklers. If you are unsure about what is wrong with your sprinkler system, it is best to hire a technician. In addition, some sprinkler brands and installation offices offer 1 to 5 years warranty. Check your warranty card for such services because these come handy and save you money.


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